The Best Historic Baseball Photographs Ever

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The most iconic photographs and memorabilia offer a window into the past seasons and players who have made the biggest impact on the sport of baseball. From serious collectors to more casual fans, learning more about the history behind some of the most famous images and photographs in the sport could prove to be a very rewarding undertaking. Missing out on your chance to explore the past history of the sport could prove to be far more of a lost opportunity than you might have realized; limiting yourself to only the most recent history of the game could be depriving Read more…

The Greatest Basketball Photographs Ever Taken

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When it comes to great photographs in basketball, photographs featuring Michael Jordan are the gold standard, primarily because of how great of a player he was. Many shots of him were so transcendent that they are art.

The best basketball photograph involves Jordan in his infamous shrug pose, after he hit six three point shots in the first half of Game One of the 1992 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and Portland Trail Blazers. Once he did the shrug to indicate his surprise at how easy his shots were Read more…

Where To Obtain The Best Sports Art

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If you enjoy sports and love looking at the art and memorabilia that portrays it, you might wonder how you can start a collection of your own. There is nothing quite like having a beautiful collection of memorabilia, paintings, pictures and other forms of art that are all about sports, and you can actually start a collection quite easily if you know where to look.

Shopping online is one wonderful way to find sports-related art. There are entire websites out there that are dedicated to buying, selling and trading this art, and you can typically Read more…

The Best Sports Auctions To Attend

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Attending a sports auction for the first time can be a little intimidating. You are trying to determine if autographs are authentic, prices are reasonable and sometimes just exactly what you are bidding on. For the first time sports auction attendee, a silent auction can be one of the best experiences. In these auctions items are placed on a table with a bidding sheet. If you wish to outbid the previous bidder you write down your name and the bid amount. Many of Read more…

Top Valued Baseball CardS Ever Made

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A baseball card is similar to trading card and also the same to baseball, as a rule printed on various paper type card stock or stock. A baseball card will typically attribute one or further players of baseball or other sports figures that are related to baseball. Baseball cards are most often originate in the United State.

At the same time as baseball cards for first created in the US, as the baseball popularity reach to other states/countries, Read more…

Where to Buy Historic Baseball Pictures

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Early-era baseball photos is one of the sports must haves for any serious fan. The question of where can a person buy such a photo is asked by every collector at one point in the search. One of the best places to find historic art is on the internet. There are a number of sites that offer good quality baseball artwork from the historic era. On the web a customer can browse hundreds of photos and make choices that are right for them. Once the selection has been made simply check out Read more…

How To Get Information On Sport memorabilia Auctions

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The great thing about the internet is that you are able to get more information then ever before on just about any product or service that is out there. This is especially true when you are looking into the world of sports memorabilia. It used to be that to get info on sports memorabilia you would have to subscribe to specific magazines, or go to specific shops or conventions to get information. Now, whether you have a whole lot of signed baseball cards, jerseys, or whatever Read more…

Buying Art from the Sports World

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The sports world provides fans with hundreds, maybe thousands of indelible memories throughout our lifetimes. We remember the stadiums, the teams, the players, and most of all, the moments that make sports a truly special form of entertainment. Many artists provide wonderful, inspirational work that reflects the fan’s devotion to sports and can help bring a piece of these wonderful memories to life in our homes. After watching lots of ESPN Classic on”>Direct, I feel like I’ve got a good grasp of what constitutes “sports art”.

Remember the unforgettable image of Muhammed Ali standing over Joe Frazier after his famour knockdown? Or Bobby Thompson circling the bases at a jubilant Polo Grounds when the Giants won the pennant? Sports art and memorabilia dealers can help make scenes like this a part of your home.

Or maybe you’re looking for a more abstract rendering of your devotion to your team, something one of a kind. Many artists create beautiful paintings of team logos, or iconic settings like an aerial view of Fenway Park in October, with the brilliant fiery colors of the autumn leaves surrounding the landscape.

Ppurchasing of sports art from dealers is available over the internet, at sports memorabilia shows, or at sports memorabilia shops all throughout the country. Whether its a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, sports art always wins. And if you’re looking to save some money than you can always buy a poster from sites like and then frame it. Trust me guys, you always want to frame your sports art.

Capturing College Stadiums

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Like cathedrals are adorned with ornate decorative flair, an homage to higher power, so are many Saturday afternoon shrines, erected through the tithes of alumni to modern day religion of college football. Particularly in the Southeastern and Big-10 conferences, college football stadiums spare no expense. In many cases, not only are seating capacities gargantuan enough to accommodate crowds the size of cities, but the structure itself is a piece of art itself, like the Colosseum in Rome, blending architectural achievement, unique or pristine design, and a fully-accommodating viewing experience. As a result, college fans and athletes often pay homage to their favorite football field by hanging pictures in their home or office, more often than not the stadium in which they spent the most time as an undergraduate, thus evoking familiar emotions of both pride and nostalgia.Among the most popular prints for stadium photos is the panoramic view. This unique take gives the admirer a similar sightline to what it is actually like to view the field from a seat, taking advantage of expanded peripherals and lower angle camera work. No other shot, save for the human eye itself, can provide a more authentic sense of what it’s like to watch from inside the confines. The overhead view is also a popular option, usually depicting a particularly big game, effectively capturing the swarms of cars and people in the area not to mention the electric atmosphere inside. Often taken at halftime, this angle will also allow you to see the band spelling out a school cheer on the field. Read more…